Emem Omokaro Ph.D, is the Executive Director of the Dave Omokaro Foundation (DOF), the leading organization in ageing in Nigeria. She leads the Foundation’s commitment to building national capacity through advocacy, education, research and ageing mainstreaming in pursuit of a systemic overhaul to improve quality of life of older persons. As director of DOF, she is instrumental in establishing participatory platforms for stakeholders’ engagement to influence momentum towards addressing policy and legislative concerns in ageing. Dr. Omokaro co-founded the Geriatrics Association of Nigeria, she is co-founder and Secretary General of African Society for Ageing Research and Development, and member, board of trustees, Coalition of Societies for the Rights of Older Persons in Nigeria. As visiting scholar to the National Universities Commission, she co-pioneered the study of gerontology in Nigerian Universities. Through her effort, the Dave Omokaro Foundation signed an agreement with the International Institute on Ageing UN-Malta for insitu training in Nigeria, received accreditation for the United Nations for the Open-Ended Working Group in Ageing, and membership of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older Persons (GAROP). Emem holds a Ph.D in Development and Sociology from the University of Calabar, Nigeria and a Certificate of Socio-Gerontology from the International Institute on Ageing UN-Malta. She is a Mobil Scholar and a recipient of many awards and recommendations including the Nigerian Universities Doctoral Thesis Award in Social Sciences 2005, the University of Valpariso Award of Excellence and Recognition for contribution to the establishment of the Valpo Africa Institute. She is the Executive Producer of The Grey Trail, a documentary on ageing in Nigeria.




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